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Is your EOTech not holding zero? Here are 5 things to check first.

  1. Is Your EOTech holographic sight mounted properly on the top rail?
  2. Are elevation and windage turrets accidentally dialed without you knowing?
  3. Using different ammo types?
  4. Poor mounting platform (poor repeatability)
  5. Poor zero or shooting technique?

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Optic Misalignment Or Loose Mount

eotech exps3 side view

Please make sure the EOTech optic is aligned and grips onto the top rail tight. This ensures the optic stay on the top receiver tight and holds zero.

If your rifle's top rail has damages, misaligned or out of spec, it may throw off the zero.

Sometimes the EOTech optic tilts around the M1913 top rail. Make sure it's aligned and push it forward and tighten it.

uh1 vs eotech mount base

EOTech EXPS3 offers adjustable tension QD lever, be sure to adjust that as needed.

Turrets Accidently Dialed Without Knowing

eotech moa adjustment knob

Check the elevation and windage turret adjustment, and make sure they have not been adjusted by other people or been accidently dialed without you knowing.


It's a good habit mark index the turret every time the optic is zeroed. This gives the turret a zero index point so the user always know where to re-center the turret on a particular rifle platform.

For the most part, the recessed turret on the EOTech shouldn't dial unless intentionally adjusted by someone.

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Using Different Ammo Type


Using different bullet type can throw off the zero the user has previously set. There are many different zero distances for different ammo type.

Please take that into account.

36 yard zero vs 25 yard zero

Poor Mounting Platform

ak rail cover texas weapon dog leg

Most firearm platforms on the market have very precisely machined top rail to keep optic mounted tight. However, if you're mounting the EOTech on top rails that are not properly secured on the rifle, then there is a chance to have inconsistent zero.

And the optic can loose zero if it's taken on and off the rifle frequently.

The problem is the mount, not the optic.

AK railed dust cover is a classic example of optic not holding zero as more rounds are fired.

Poor Zeroing Technique

shooting up right position eotech

If the user did everything right mounting the optic. The last possible problem could be incorrect zeroing technique.

It's also a great idea to zero the 68 MOA ring reticle with a 3X magnifier to get a zoomed image on the sight picture.

eotech exps3 with sig juliet 4 tucked away top view

The worst mistake a shooter can do is to zero the optic while not keeping the rifle steady. Please try zeroing the rifle again on a steady tripod.

The BOG DeathGrip tripod is a great range tool to have.

*Reference EOTech zeroing procedure here