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Zeroing an EOTech holographic sight is easy just like zeroing a red dot sight. Follow this 3 step checklist to complete EOTech zeroing procedure.

Please make sure the optic is mounted securely on the firearm

  1. Collect shot groups at a set distance (zero for 25, zero for 36, zero for 50)
  2. Readjust and verify zero
  3. Learn the holdover

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Step 1. Collect Shot Group Data

Set up the zeroing target with 1" grid. If no printer to print at home, just buy some here

36 yard zero laser range finder

Get an accurate read of the target distance to the bore of the rifle. Don't eyeball it, use a laser rangefinder to tell you exactly how far, so you don't waste your time walking downrange back and forth eyeballing the distance.

eotech 45 degree leaning left

If ever wonder what happen to the point of impact when tilting the aim, read our test result article here

If zeroing for 25 yards, aim the 1 MOA dot reticle at the target and shoot 3 shots, then we measure how much you're off.

eotech exps3 side view
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To help you stabilize the rifle during the zeroing process, this affordable BOG Deathgrip tripod helps a lot to get rid of any shaking or hand tremoring to get accurate zeroing data.

Step 2. Readjust & Verify Zero

36 yard zero
zeroing red dot 100 yard

Then use this equation to find exactly how many clicks to dial the elevation and windage.

eotech moa adjustment knob

EOTech Click Value: 0.5 MOA / Click

Number of clicks to dial = {Distance Missed X 0.25 (25 yard)} / 0.5 MOA/Click

The turret direction label references the point of impact to the point of aim. If you do it the other way around, then the reticle moves in the opposite direction of the turn.

Roughly estimate how much the shot groups are off, try to get as close as you can. Like: 1.3" off, 0.7" off, or 0.5". Remember, a 0.5" off can be a lot of error as distance increases, so try to get as close as possible.

Recommend Magnifier Scope For Finer Zero

eotech exps3 pov 1
EOTECH exps3 reticle outdoor

When you zero with a magnifier scope, you can zoom in to see which grid the dot is exactly point that you couldn't just at 1X.

Browse for magnifier scopes here

Step 3. Remember Holdover

36 yard zero vs 25 yard zero

The benefit of the 68 MOA ring is to help the user estimate target range based on a human size tall target roughly 5' 8" tall.

The shooter should understand the bullet's ballistics and its effective range to know where to hold.

The 36 yard zero has the tightest group within a shot group size of a Footlong sandwich up to 350 yards. The 25 yrd zero stretches from the head to waist. 

Recommendation: Pick the zero that you're most likely to shoot at. The 36 yard zero for 5.56mm requires the least memorization because the point of aim and point of impact is very close for a combat effective hit.

How To Use The 68 Reticle More Creatively

The bottom of the 68 reticle ring can represent a 7 yard point of aim is point of impact accuracy, and some people zero the reticle at 36 yard, and the 7 yard zero is exactly where the bottom ring is at.

As you set a zero for yourself to use, be sure to test the ammo you're using and remember the hold for other distances. This reticle can be used for all types of calibers, but it's designed for  .223 cal. 62 gr bullet 2,900 velocity.

sig sauer mcx with eotech exps3 fde

The 2 dot reticle is the same

The 4 dot reticle is for 62 gr M855 FMJ at roughly 2,700 fps with a 14.5" barrel. This is as good as it gets and most EOTech replicas won't have this feature, so get the real one if you want to be serious about zeroing your optic.

uh1 vs eotech mount base

Check out other EOTECH alternative sights here