Here are the 4 Best Red Dot For Ruger MARK 4 22/45 Lite. We have tried many micro optics and evaluated them based on their performance, reticle design, battery life and money for value.

Best Ruger IV 22/45 Red Dot Sights



  • Lightest Weight
  • Most Versatile 
  • Big Dots Offered
  • Best Price

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Vortex Venom - Lightest Weight

ruger mark iv vortex venom

Why we pick this one - The Vortex Venom is a 3 MOA rapid target acquisition reflex sight made with aluminum housing that is durable for range use, and it mounts directly on to the top rail by tightening the screw.

Wide field of view - Get on target fast by looking through a big window for tracking the reticle better and not get lost.

Clean Reticle - Red Dot works for shooters with astigmatism under most lighting situations

Top-Loading Battery Access - Swap the battery right from the top similar to the Burris FastFire 3 without removing the whole sight or having to re-zero the sight

What people are saying about it - Overall, the Vortex Venom is a fairly large FOV sight without breaking the bank for just under $250. Target acquisition is fast along with the bright fiber optic front sight that makes shooting the Ruger 22 an amazing experience.

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  • Top battery loading without sight removal
  • Recessed MOA turrets to prevent accidental adjustments while sitting in the range bag
  • Small and lightweight
  • Very affordable for new shooters to try
  • Cons

  • Bluish lens tint may not be good for indoor use without a weapon light
  • Open emitter design may attract dirt and sand
  • Holosun 507C X2 - Most Versatile

    Ruger mark IV holosun 507C

    Why People Love This Sight - The Holosun 507C is by far the best Trijicon RMR alternative for the performance and price. Use it on the Ruger MARK IV and other firearm types when you get finally tired of shooting 22LR.

    Same RMR Mounting Footprint - It shares the same mounting footprint as the RMR, so no need to buy a special mounts

    Superior Durability - Forged 7075 T6 aluminum housing unit protects the internal component to retain zero from sharp recoil impulses and rough handling.

    Side Loading Battery - Access CR1632 battery from the side tray instead of the bottom. This eliminates the need to remove the sight for battery swap and re-zeroing

    Near Infinite Battery life - The Shake Awake technology saves tons of battery life by deactivating the optic when at rest, then turns it back on upon movement. 2X more battery life than the Trijicon RMR up to 50,000 hours

    Solar Power BackUp - Solar fail-safe power kicks in immediately when the battery dies, so the optic will always remain on.

    Multi-Reticle System - Cycle through the following reticle options for various applications:

    • 2 MOA Center dot
    • 32 MOA circle
    • 32 MOA circle + 2 MOA Dot

    *Change by pressing the minus button for 3 seconds.

    The 32 MOA circle helps significantly for picking up the sight faster because it's big and easier to see.

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    • As durable as Trijicon RMR and much more affordable
    • Uses RMR footprint
    • Motion activated reticle to save battery even more
    • Use it on other guns when tired of shooting 22LR


    • Need special tool to pull the battery tray out and adjust MOA turrets
    • Indoor light source doesn't activate solar power

    Burris FastFire 3 - Big Dots Offered

    ruger mark iv burris fastfire 3

    Why Buy The Fast Fire 3 - The super light weight Burris FastFire 3 provides the soft recoil Ruger 22 pinpoint accuracy and fast target acquisition speed for anyone starting out new or experienced shooters.

    Top Battery Access makes battery swap extremely easy without sight removal, and the automatic time-out feature after 8 hours helps battery last up to 5 years

    6 or 8 MOA Dot Sizes Available - 8 MOA is even more visible and crisp to see under daylight than 6 MOA. Learn more about 6 MOA VS 8 MOA

    Auto Brightness Control - The sight adjusts automatically to match the environmental conditions to provide a bright reticle for the shooter

    Durable & Affordable - The battery lasts as long as 4+ years and it's by far the most affordable open emitter reflex optic for pistol use.

    Be aware of knockoffs copycats of this optic, make sure you click on our links below that takes you straight to the legitimate sellers storefront on Amazon or OpticsPlanet.


    • Similar to Vortex Venom
    • Top loading battery
    • 8 MOA or larger dot sizes offered by Burris


    • Battery cap is slightly harder to screw back on (takes practice)

    Ruger MARK IV Red Dot FAQ

    What's the Effective Range of 22LR

    The effective range of a 22 LR round can be accurate up to 150 yards, though the most effective range is 100 yards before dealing with the large ballistic drop.

    When shooting standard 40 grain CCI 22 High-Velocity ammo with 1235 fps, you can expect between 0.5 to 0.9" diameter shot group at about 25 yards with a 1 or 2 MOA red dot reticle.

    What Distance To Zero Ruger 22/45 Lite?

    10 to 50 yard zero are good distances to zero the reflex sight on a 22LR pistol. Of course the user can extend the range if they feel confident doing so.

    Which MOA Dot Size To Buy?

    1 MOA to 3 MOA dot size for a Ruger Mark IV 22LR pistol is adequate for getting effective hit up to 100 yards.

    The bigger the dot over 3 or 6 MOA will cover too much of the targets up close for a 22 caliber bullet.

    Is Mounting An Expensive Red Dot On A 22LR Pistol Necessary?

    It's all up to your budget! 

    Mounting a super expensive optic on an almost no recoil 22LR isn't necessary in terms of cost.