Here are the best CZ P09 weapon lights

We have narrowed the choices down based on beam performance, durability, control ergonomics, and value for money. 

Best Pistol Lights For CZ P09

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Surefire X300U - Best Overall

Why we picked the X300U - X300U is by far the best duty grade light for the CZ P09 on the market along side with the Streamlight TLR 1 HL, which we will talk about next. The overall quality is superior than any lights out there, and the new model features thumb screw design allows for much more secure mounting.

glock 19 with surefire xh30 TIR beam pattern

Widest 1000 Lumen Flood Beam - Lit up a low light scene from 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock position.

Slide Always In Battery - The extra light bezel length sticks out to prevent the slide from getting out of battery when muzzle is pressed


  • 1000 Lumens
  • 11300 Candela
  • TIR Lens - Super Wide
  • 2 CR123A Batteries
  • 4.8 oz
  • 3.7 in
  • IPX7


  • Wide flood beam for CQB
  • Tons of holsters available


  • No strobe
  • Still uses CR123A 

MODLITE PL350 - Best Throw Performance

modlite plh5k head

Why Try The New MODLITE PL350? - PL350 is like having a rifle light on the CZ P09. It has far more throw capability than Surefire and Streamlight. 

Change Light Heads - Swap between PLHv2, OKW or PLH 5K to adapt to the illumination requirement. PLH 5K has a balanced spill and throw

modlite OKW beam outdoor

Clearly ID Things In The Dark - Long range beam pattern to ID targets far away in the dark

Very Positive Control - Very user friendly toggle switches (PHLSTER ARC enhanced WML Switches included)


  • 1500 Lumens (PLH 5K)
  • 29000 Candela (PLH 5K)
  • 1 18350 Battery
  • 5.5 oz
  • 4 in


  • Can accept 3 different heads
  • Very bright output & candela ratings than anything else
  • Front battery loading without light removal
  • Very easy to toggle activation switches


  • Light head isn't impact durable compared to others
  • Hex mount screw, aka no quick detach capability

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Why this is the hottest selling - The Streamlight TLR 7A is the best compact light for the money for many compact size handguns. It looks slick on the CZ P09 and the beam pattern is effective up to 40 yards for indoor low light applications.

Super Compact For Conceal Carry - Compact for concealed carry where the light doesn't stick out past the muzzle.

Two Toggle Switch Options - Two toggle switch types included in the box

Strobe Mode Available - It's a hidden feature! Activate by Streamlight's TEN TAPS programming. See instruction here 

Upgraded Control Switch - Improved control switch ergonomics from previous generation. Much easier to operate

streamlight tlr 7a beam pattern drone shot

Great In door beam pattern - This light can lit up 30 - 40 yards in front of the shooter in low light CQB fighting distances.


  • 500 Lumens
  • 5500 Candela
  • TIR Lens - Super Wide
  • 2 CR123A Batteries
  • 4.8 oz
  • 3.7 in
  • IPX7


  • Very compact for muzzle flush fit
  • Great for conceal carry & compact pistols
  • Very affordable


  • Strobe activation takes proper TEN TAPS programming if the user remembers how
    Less output than a full size light

Why Streamlight TLR 1 HL? - The TLR 1 HL is the go to duty light for many police officers on the streets, and it's very affordable than the Surefire X300U. 

Strobe Mode Added - Double tap for strobe for signaling, tactical applications, and blinding threats

Easy Toggle Switch - User-friendly control switch for two-hand or one-hand operation without the need to hard press the switch to activate the light. It works perfectly under cold weather with stiff fingers

Tons Of Holsters Available - It fits in most compatible light bearing holsters

streamlight tlr 1 hl beam pattern drone shot

Better Throw Performance - Better low light positive ID with a concentrated throw and wider spill than Streamlight TLR 1

Built In Strobe Mode - Simple to active strobe mode. Just double tap the rocker switch

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  • 800 Lumens
  • 10800 Candela
  • Wide Spill + Tight Hot Spot
  • 2 CR123A Batteries
  • 4.18 oz
  • 3.39 in
  • IPX7


  • Similar design as Streamlight TLR 1
  • Very tight hot beam
  • Takes any CR123A batteries


  • Non replaceable front lens
  • Cheap battery access door that can snap over time

The Olight BADLR S is a small light laser combo just under $100 for the CZ P09. It's small, durable, and rechargeable for unlimited training sessions without additional battery cost.

Quick Detach Mount - Adjust the light toggle position on the CZ P09 rail frame for better finger reach distance

2X Candela - See 2X further than the original Olight PL Mini

Built In Laser - Minimized laser bore offset for fast aiming and dry fire training

Very Bright Light - No beam tint, super bright and easy on the eyes to PID

Save Money On Batteries – Recharge via USB cable 


  • 800 Lumens
  • 4400 Candela
  • Wide Spill + Tight Hot Spot
  • USB Rechargeable Batteries
  • 3.35 oz
  • 1.28 in
  • IPX7


  • Rechargeable via USB
  • Flexible mounting system
  • Minimized laser to bore offset
  • Quick detach for fast light swap when needed


  • Battery port attracts steel parts
  • Lack of holster options