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The Cloud Defensive REIN has been on the market for a while now, so how does it compare to other lights?

In this Cloud Defensive REIN VS Surefire M600DF side by side comparison guide, let's check out their specs, battery and most importantly beam pattern performance.

I have used both of these lights back and forth, and I like both of them. However, I do lean towards the Surefire M600DF for its tail cap design, while I lean more towards the REIN for maximum candela output.

Specs Comparison - Surefire M600DF VS CD REIN


Surefire M600DF

Max Output 1500 Lumens / 16000 Candela
1200 Lumens / 12800 Candela (CR123)
Runtime~95 - 120 Mins
Weight w/Batteries5.15 oz
BatteriesCR123A or 18650

Cloud Defensive REIN

Max Output 1400 Lumens / 60000 Candela
Runtime~90 - 120 Mins
Weight w/Batteries6.91 oz
Batteries 18650

Size & Weight

Surefire M600DF and Cloud Defensive REIN are completely different.

Cloud Defensive REIN has a completely different body design than Surefire scout, and it's bigger, beefier and slightly heavier.

Both design offer full size models and mini models.

Biggest Buying Decisions:

Get Surefire M600DF

  • Mil spec weapon light right out of the box 
  • Use for CQB and mid range low light illumination
  • Can be upgraded with MODLITE heads
  • Large selection of pressure switch accessories to work with
  • Long range illumination
  • Insane throw capability right out of the box
  • Beefy light head
  • Non snag angled cable management

Lumen & Candela Comparison

We stress a lot on our website - Lumen intensity is important, but Candela is king for throwing the beam far to identify targets.


Higher candela output can punch through fog and overcome photonic barriers, and this is where the Cloud Defensive REIN absolutely beats the default Surefire KE2DF light head.


The Surefire M600DF can also deliver this performance if using the MODLITE PLHv2 head, but that's for another comparison content, which you can check out here

PLHv2 in action

The default Surefire KE2DF head is great for CQB and mid range illumination.

The best part about both of these lights are the interchangeability. Simply just swap the light heads and you are good to go.

Flood Beam


Cloud Defensive REIN

CD REIN has a much tighter beam to illuminate far and close, but the flood beam is narrower. The user can still see near by objects.

Cloud Defensive REIN light pattern 18650

Cloud Defensive REIN


Surefire M600DF

Standing at the same spot, the Surefire M600DF can illuminate an CQB environment much better. However the hot spot is less intense.

Top Down Aerial

benelli m4 with m600df TIR beam

Surefire M600DF in action on Benelli M4

For personal defense engagement distance, the Surefire M600DF and Modlite PLHv2 work perfectly for ID targets in the dark.


Cloud Defensive REIN

Cloud Defensive REIN definitely has warmer tint. Even though it's not too distracting, but it's not optimal. Optimal means good throw capability, neutral lens tine and durability.

Modes Of Operation

Both lights feature constant on and momentary modes.

The Surefire M600DF is the winner when it comes to accepting a wide selection of tail cap accessories, but the Cloud Defensive REIN can't use any Scout light tail caps or switches.

Click here to see more pressure switch products





Cable Management


Cloud Defensive REIN 's cable management design is unique and there is nothing like it. The user can tuck the wire at 90 degrees into the handguard so it's not exposed to snag hazard.

This design also enable tail cap activation as well as pressure switch activation.


The Surefire Scout tail cap guides the cable directly behind the light and the user has to slightly bend the cable and secure it using a wireguide clip.

Mount & Rail Keys


Both lights use the same mounting footprint. We recommend IWC mounts, and they produce all types of Scout mounts to satisfy the light configuration you want.


Both Surefire M600DF and Cloud Defensive REIN feature aerospace grade aluminum body construction. Under normal use the light will last you a long time.

Front loading battery design makes swapping battery easily like other rifle weapon lights on the market.

The most vulnerable part is the light head for both lights, and almost all light heads get shattered when experiencing direct BB or simunition impact.

cloud defensive rein serviceable lens 3mm

The REIN features a 3mm thick lens, which is the thickest on the market. If it's shattered, contact Cloud Defensive for an replacement.

Final Verdict

Surefire M600DF can be as good as the REIN if using MODLITE heads. When it comes to throw capability right out of the box, the Cloud Defensive REIN is set the example of what a modern weapon light running on 18650 battery should be, but the inability to use existing scout switches make it a less appealing.

The Surefire M600DF has been on the market for a long time, and it definitely wins the accessory game, but the candela output falls short for long range illumination when competing against the REIN.