Best Tactical Flashlight For Shotgun

Shopping for the best tactical flashlight for a shotgun?

We have created this guide to help you pick the ones to buy. H Mostly for home defense type of shotguns (semi & pump)

Adding a weapon light to a shotgun provides tactical advantages in low light situations:
• Area illumination
• Target identification in the dark
• Threat vision impairment

To save you time. Our favorite ones are actually the handheld tac lights like the Surefire G2X & Olight Warrior X Pro. They can be used on various weapon platforms as well as EDC light.

We gonna take a look at their sizes, features, illumination capabilities and mount options.

Let’s check them out…

Interested in specific recommendations for a specific shotgun? Check below:

Best Tactical Weapon Light For Shotgun

A shotgun is effective at close range. Getting a weapon light that can reach 70 meters with decent illumination intensity & wide flood lens is good to see wider, to illuminate & to blind attackers.

Tail cap activated light is best for the shotgun as far as ergonomics. Toggle switches like the Surefire X300 or Streamlight TLR1 HL are not comfortable or ergonomic unless you use a remote pressure switch.


inforce wml
  • Intensity: 800 Lumen Concentrated LED Beam (White light ONLY)
  • Battery: CR123A / 1.5 hrs
  • Benefits: Weighs 3.22 oz, Constant, Momentary & Strobe, Safety lever prevents accidental light discharge,  non-slip & ergonomic angled pressure switch 

  • Intensity: 1200 / 1500 Lumen white light
  • Battery:  CR123A OR 18650
  • Benefits: Virtually indestructible, Used in real Combat, TIR lens for reach & surround flood light (max awareness in the dark)

  • Intensity: 2250 Lumen white light
  • Battery:  21700 Li-ion / MCC3 magnetic Rechargeable
  • Benefits: Up to 660 yards, Use as EDC light, IPX8 waterproof, Last up to 8 hours, Accepts RWX07 remote control switch

  • Intensity: 600 Lumen Single Ouput
  • Battery:  123A battery
  • Benefits: Use as EDC, Mounts on shotgun using ring clamp mount, Virtually indestructible Nitrolon body, Constant on/Momentary

Surefire M600DF Scout

surefire scout light illumination distances
Image Referenced SureFire

Surefire M600 Scout Light is an all around the gold standard for a tactical weapon light. It’s a great light to go on guns like the Benelli M4 & other tactical rifles.

Almost everything else you see on the market is pretty much the spin-off of the M600 Scout design but branded differently.

The NEW Dual Fuel M600 model provides up to 1500 lumens when using SF18650B USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery. When using 123A battery, the light can project up to 1200 lumens.

When using this light on a shotgun, the light can be activated through the tail cap switch or the Surefire remote DS SR07 switch that can mount on Picatinny rail.

NOTE: Both works, make sure to have a backup SF18650B battery just in case you don’t have time to recharge and wait.

A high drain light needs a lot of battery juice, therefore a rechargeable battery can help save tons of money.

Olight Warrior X Pro – Best Versatility & Longest Thrower

olight warrior x pro
Image Referenced Iraqveteran8888

Olight Warrior X Pro can be an EDC duty flashlight or as a weapon mounted light when you remove the carry clip and use a ring clamp mount.

A maximum of 2250 lumens and 650 meters of throw, this light can also accept a tail cap integrated remote switch sold separately.

The Warrior Pro doesn’t feature a strobe mode, in fact, this design only has two simple modes:

  • Deep press – 2250 lumens (Can light up a whole outdoor camping site at night)
  • Half press – 300 lumens

is much simpler than the Olight M2R Pro & much more tactically efficient without cycling through various modes. Simple is always better.

The Warrior X PRO uses a 5000mAh 21700 battery included in the package with a max run time of 8 hours, and it’s rechargeable through battery swap or USB magnetic charge.

Other features we like as a shotgun weapon light is its solid build quality. We’re very satisfied with its serrated body for anti grip slip feature when used as a handheld light.

Surefire G2X Tactical – Best For The Money

surefire g2x on shotgun

The Surefire G2X LED light can be used for EDC or as a weapon mounted light.

Simply just use a ring clamp mount that goes on the handguard or clamps on the shotgun barrel. 

The Surefire GX2 is a virtually indestructible light made with Nitrolon® polymer. It’s strong, lightweight & affordable.

When high-intensity illumination isn’t needed, the user can switch between 600 and 15 lumens as needed.

What we love about the G2X Pro is:
• Press/click the tail-cap switch that works very well when mounted on pump & semi auto shotguns.
• Way cheaper than a dedicated weapon light with an integrated mount

The Surefire G2X also offers 3 other models:

Inforce WMLX – Best Grip & On/Off Ergonomics

inforce wmlx on remington 870
Image Referenced Lucky Gunner

The Inforce WML is a super popular modular weapon light for many weapon platforms and tactical helmets.

The angled pressure activation light switch is its signature feature that many people love, which felt very natural for operating the 800 lumens white light without constantly adjust your grip.

Made with a lightweight glass-reinforced polymer body, which reduced the weight and increased high-impact durability. Great for high recoil firearm like a 12GA shotgun.

It mounts directly to Picatinny rail, so if you arent interested in buying more shotgun accessories to make this work, then we highly recommend using a simple barrel/magazine tube mount with Picatinny rail.

Simply take it off and use it on any other guns of yours at any time.

What To Buy For A Defensive Shotgun

Light Mode Features

How many light modes do you really need? A weapon light provides target identification in the dark and the user can quickly make a decision on what to do.

Too little is not good, too much can be distracting. Even though this isn’t usually considered first, The simpler the features the better.

  • Low light – for low profile illumination, good for search, low light tasks & signaling
  • High – Also known as the Turbo mode, Max lumens that reach far, used to blind threats & for large area-wide illumination in darkness
  • Strobe – The strobe is very disorienting, used for outdoors signaling & close-range personal defense. Top 7 Ways to use strobe light

These are the core modes you really need in order to have a good performing light, No need to get something super complicated.

Olight, Surefire, Streamlight, Inforce and many more all make great weapon light with simplistic features.

Activation Switch

How a user activates the light is important. Generally speaking, a bigger & responsive button is a must for a weapon light.

A rubberized remote pressure switch is the most common activation switch upgrade, and they have to have positive feedback when pressed with or without gloves.

Tail cap activation is great, toggle switches are fun but not recommended for ergonomics, but great for pistol mounted weapon light

Since a shotgun kicks a lot more than a rifle, and there is a chance you might lose your grip & you need to quickly get a positive grip and also find the switch with your finger without looking, and be ready to activate the light.

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Lumen Intensity

For a shotgun, Generally, 100 to 600 is good for a defensive weapon-mounted light. It provides illumination capability and used to blind your target.

For close-range distance up to 70 yards, a 600 lumens light is perfect with enough intensity & flood lens reflector.

The distance, the throw of the light helps you see far while still maintain a hot beam, which if the distance is what you want, then a light with higher Candela rating, which we will explain briefly in the next section.

We have a detailed guide answering how much lumens a tactical light needs on our website, you can check it out.


Higher candela means keeping the bright focused light beam at even further distance without quickly fading away. In other word the more candela, the further the light can travel without dimming down.

A light with 50,000 candela & 1000 lumens is MUCH BRIGHTER than a light with just 16000 candela & also 1000 lumens.

This is extremely important for target identification because there is a huge difference between being able to barely see the target silhouette VS. clearly see it clearly in the dark. This mostly applies to long range rifle applications.

In addition, various lens & reflector designs can alter how the light perform as well.

For shotgun close-range self-defense applications, it’s important to pick a light that gives you a hot center spotlight without caring too much about reaching long distance.

Light Spill (Flood) – Wide Angle Illumination

Referenced Mossberg (Watch Here)

For shotgun home defense use, a hot focused beam the size of a 17″ diameter tire is adequate enough to remove the attacker’s main vision sensory function before you apply lethal force.

The hot spot is determined based on the flashlight lens design, and typically most tactical weapon light balances between reach and flood to give you peripheral illumination for situation awareness in low light areas.

Mounting Options

Most shotguns don’t come with mounting platforms until recently. The Magpul MOE series shotgun forend is great for adding modular rail pieces to accept a light.

There are more options than before. The favorite one


Almost all weapon lights now these days are made quite strong using aerospace grade aluminum. The durability is important to survive a drop & shotgun recoil.

Most lights are just as equally durable as every others, but some are way more durable like the Cloud Defensive OWL.

But what’s most important is to get a light that is durable for any environment.

Battery Life

Most weapon lights on the market can last as long as 50 days, highest lumens setting gives you about 60 mins.

As weapon light design increases lumen intensity in recent years, 3V CR123A battery just can’t keep up anymore to power a 1500 or 2000 lumen light, therefore going to a 6V, 9V or a 12V 18650 battery.

Whether you get a battery powered or rechargeable weapon light, getting a powerful light with at least 1 hr of juice on high power is something you should look at.

In the case of you wanting to recharge the light fast without waiting, get some backup 18650 rechargeable battery here.

WARNING: Not all batteries are made the same quality or discharge rate standard. Using poor quality battery can lead to malfunction & warranty void.

Forend Integrated Weapon Light Effective?

A shotgun forend integrated with a weapon light is a cool design and it’s effective at providing integrated illumination capability.

What’s important to understand what your light can do and use it appropriately.

Can You Interchange A Shotgun Light Forend With Others?

No. Your light forend only works for a specific gun.

For $250 you can get something better that can be interchanged among all your gun collections.

One way is to use tail cap activated tactical EDC flashlight on the shotgun with a ring clamp mount. We have a list of best full size tactical EDC flashlight on our site

If your shotgun doesn’t have Picatinny rail mounting spot, you can get a barrel mount adapter to accept a light.

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